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My name is Karen, the owner and founder of the Coliseum de Cassiope Cane Corso Kennel. My passion for the cane corso breed started very young. I was born in the south of France on the Italian border. I wanted a dog, a big dog, like a hound. Being only 15 years old in 2005, I didn't have the final say on the dog breed I wanted. I wanted a pit bull but for my parents, it was out of the question. So we told our vet about our adoption plan, she recommended the cane corso!

Then began the long research on the breed to be sure that the character, physique and requirements would suit us. After doing the research, we made our decision and here we are! The love for the breed was instant! The cane corso was totally in line with our way of life. I wanted a dog with amazing structure, protective qualities. Most of all though, we needed a dog that would have all those qualities and still be a good family dog. Having a baby sister, we needed a reliable dog with young children that we would not have to worry about. We found all of that and more with our first cane corso, Chanel.

We found Chanel after researching breeders from all over. She was absolutely stunning with a tall structure and grey color. We fell in love instantly and the adventure began!

Just having a cane corso was not enough for me. My teenage years were very difficult, but I found my fulfillment when I threw with it. I started out by training with Chanel 3 times a week at the police dog and firefighter education center. Still, I wanted to do more. I wanted to do dog shows and exhibitions. We contacted the breeder of Chanel who told us the procedure and kindly 

agreed to accompany me to my first show. Over the months leading to the show, Francis, the breeder of Chanel, became a friend and mentor. I spent my evenings talking to him about cane corso and about dogs in general. It all excited me, I didn't have the internet, but I was able to find books on the breed at the library. I spent my day reading them, learning the breed standard, and the different bloodlines. I knew then that I wanted to breed.

Francis then suggested something to me. He had a female, Tzara, from the bremes marshes, who was pregnant and was going to have puppies. He gave me the dog and allowed me to truly understand the life of a breeder. I had to do everything! Ensure that the birth of the puppies was successful, take care of the puppies, and finally get them to their new homes. Truly do the job of a breeder from A to Z! The beautiful Tzara then arrived at the house. Even today, I cannot thank my parents enough for their help and especially for supporting me. Francis told me that if I could do it, I would be made for this job! Tzara was not a good mother and unfortunately it was difficult to keep the puppies alive. We managed to bring 4 beautiful babies into this world! This is the litter that gave us the one and only, Cassiope. Francis gifted her to me for all the hard and successful work I had done


My mother has always been an unconditional support in my cane corso breeding project. Chanel and Cassiope grew up together. We now needed a male cane corso for these two females. My mother told me she would pay for the male. She gave me an unlimited budget, but the male had to be a future champion! The internet was still developing at this time and cane corso breeders now had websites and forums were beginning to appear. After days of searching all over Europe,

we found the beautiful Nunzio. Nunzio was born in the region of Bologna, Italy. 

I was only 16, it all went so fast! After only 1 year in France, I managed to make Nunzio the champion of France. You would not believe the pride my father had when his little girl, who was not even 17 years old, won that day with her first male cane corso with 186 cane corsos present, an Italian judge, and in front of breeders who had been competing for years with professional handlers. Unfortunately, this would quickly stir up jealousy and controversy, and I had to learn quickly to live in this new adult world. It made me stronger, and into the woman I am today. 


Time has passed and despite all my other studies, I never wanted to do anything else. I have put all my energy into this adventure with my mother by my side to work with me along the way.

When I was 23, I met my husband, Ted, in Switzerland. Ted is a United States Marine and was working at the US Embassy at the time. The first time, he met one of my cane corsos, he immediately fell in love with them. After a few years of marriage, we decided to begin bringing the kennel to settle in America.

I have been extremely lucky during all these years to be able to rub shoulders with the best breeders in all of Europe, to have been able to travel to Spain, Romania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, and to the 4 corners of Italy, whether for exhibitions or new acquisition. During my travels, my father and mother worked hard to take care of the dogs and puppies while I was away. I cannot thank my dear parents enough for their support over the past 16 years. I certainly would not be here without them.